Making Happy Disciples

God has commissioned us to therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I will be with you always to the very end of the age (Matthew 28:19-20, NIV).

Our purpose is to assist the local church by investing in leadership development through training, resourcing, networking and providing practical learning experiences for children, youth and adults in order to bring individuals to the point of being healthy Christ-like disciples who reproduce healthy Christ-like disciples.  You will notice that in addition to this page, there are pages that feature age level ministries, missions mobilization and quizzing ministries.

As the District Director of Disciplemaking Ministries, I want to make myself available to the district churches. My desire is that each local church will be designing intentional ministry programs that address the needs of each age group within the church. My passion is to see our district actively and effectively involved in making healthy disciples of children, youth and adults. I long to see people coming to Christ, growing in Christ and becoming fully devoted followers of Christ. If I can in any way assist your church in this process, please feel free to contact me. May each of us be faithful to do our part and may we experience God's richest blessings on our ministries.

There are 5 passions that need to be present in every healthy disciple of Christ:

  1. WIN: An individual must have a personal relationship with Jesus
  2. BUILD: He/she must be built up in the foundational truths of the faith
  3. EQUIP: He/she must discover and understand the tools God has given him or her to serve the Body of Christ and reach the lost in the community
  4. MULTIPLY: He/she needs to develop and mature into a leader
  5. SEND: He/she then needs to go out into the world to reach people for Christ and reproduce themselves in others

Key Resources:

Making Healthy Disciples Seminar: MHD is designed to move the minds and hearts of local church Disciplemaking Ministry leaders, teachers and workers from a merely program-focused, event orientation to an intentional people-focused disciplemaking agenda.  It offers participants a clear biblical strategy for making healthy disciples at every age.

Making Healthy Disciples 2 Seminar: This seminar is for those churches that have already adopted the MHD philosophy and are seeking to implement it into their local church ministry.  Whereas MHD addressed the need for developing an intentional strategy for making healthy disciples at every age level, MHD2 addresses the need for local church leaders to build an effective Disciplemaking Ministry staff and structure that will enable disciplemaking to take place at every age level.

Safe Place Materials and Seminars: Safe Place is designed to assist local church leaders in creating policies for safe people to minister in safe places through safe programs.  Safe Place provides guidelines for church leaders that will enable them to establish a plan that will provide a hedge of safety for both their students and their volunteer leaders.  The primary purpose of Safe Place is to safeguard both students and leaders in a church setting.

Teacher Training Workshops: District personnel are available to provide training to teachers and workers within the local church.  These workshops are designed to meet the needs of teachers regardless of age level or program in which they teach.

Local Church Consultations: Any church interested in a one-on-one consultation should contact the director of Disciplemaking Ministries.  These consultations are intended to provide a means of evaluation and implementation of strategies that will enhance the overall Disciplemaking Ministries of the church.

District Video Library: Each church receives a copy of the video library booklet yearly.  The booklet lists  the current videos and DVD's that the district has available for use in local church Disciplemaking Ministry programs.  To rent a particular video or DVD, contact Janeen at the district office by phone: 814-938-6920 or email:

Regional Training Events: The District Disciplemaking Ministries Committee and Commissions offer regional training events for teachers and workers at every age level.  Promotional materials will be sent to the local church in advance of the event.

Age Level Commissions: Each age level has its own district commission that is available to assist local churches in their specific age level Disciplemaking Ministries.  To contact a specific age level commission for assistance, either make use of the specific age level commission brochures listing the commission members contact information or contact Ruby at the district office by phone: 814-938-6920 or email: for assistance.

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