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District Office:
Ruby Piszker

What's new for 2018-2019...

Thank you for supporting the WPA District Children's Missions Projects!  Within the last fifteen years the district has contributed over $221,000.00.  We have helped children all over the world living in; Mongolia, Russia, Chile, Mali, Africa, Indonesia...purchase medical supplies, books, van, renovations, furnishings for schools, Sunday schools supplies brick and much more.  Your generous offerings are vital in helping to "Push Back the Darkness."  

The Children's Mission Project for 2018-2019 is...A Window to the World.  In 2013 the WPA District helped build a school in the Middle East. Students attending the school consist of 10 nationalities from all socio-economic levels including some refugee children who have received tuition assistance from some individual churches. Now in 2018-2019 (June 1-May 31, 2019) we have the opportunity as a district to raise funds to build and fill a library for this same school!

The district has bookmarks, activity pages, brochures and a powerpoint that will help as your church introduces this project and watches God bring in funds for his people in the Middle East. 

Get your 2018-2019 Children's Mission Project Fundraising Resources today by contacting the WPA District Office at 814-938-6920 or by emailing us at piszkerr@cmawpa.org. Let's build this library for these students!

Why Children's Ministry Matters

Children in your church and communities live in a world of technology, speed, space, completion, fear and insecurity.  Children's workers face an awesome responsibility to meet the challenge of reaching today's children.

Childhood is a time of significant cognitive, emotional, physical and social development.  As children try to understand this complex world they seek role models and security.  What better place to find these than in the local church and its outreach programs!  In order to meet these needs of children, the Children's Disciplemaking Team endeavors to equip ministry workers with the strategies needed to reach the unique needs of this age group.  We realize they are not miniature adults.  However, their learning capacity at this stage of life is tremendous.  The desire to learn of God will never be greater.  Time and resources must not be spared lest we miss this opportunity to see boys and girls won to Jesus Christ, become disciples, and an integral part of our local churches.

Christ modeled the importance of Children's Ministry as stated in Mark 10:13-16, "...Let the children come to me and do not hinder..."

Our Team seeks to provide information, encouragement, training, networking and resources to children's coordinators, workers and pastors.

We desire to:
Network with district children's coordinators
Encourage local children's workers and leaders
Sponsor area training events

Recommend quality children's disciplemaking curriculum