District Quizzing Program

Bible Quizzing provides children and teens with an opportunity to be involved in the systematic study and application of God's Word.  Quizzing is a sport in which three teams match knowledge, jumping speed, memory and quickness of response against one another on a designated portion of Scripture.  A local church can begin a quiz program with a dedicated adult leader and as few as three students willing to study and quiz.  Some churches in close proximity to each other have joined forces to form a quiz team.

Junior Quizzing:

Children in 3rd grade through 6th grade can participate in junior quizzing.  Junior Quizzers study and quiz on the same book of the Bible as the senior quizzers.  However, they study a smaller portion of the book and the quizzers have fewer questions per quiz.  Junior quizzers do not participate at the International Tournament.  The top district quizzers receive an award.

Senior Quizzing:

Students in 7th through 12th grades can participate in the senior quizzing program.  Students quiz monthly in their zones and three district tournaments are held during the quizzing season.  Top district quizzers qualify to compete at District Finals for a spot on the District Team that represents WPA at the International Quizzing Tournament.

Benefits of Quizzing:

  • Instills God's Word in lives of students
  • Improves Bible memory skills
  • Builds character
  • Encourages self discipline
  • Provides Christian friendship
  • Promotes team building

Establishes opportunity for mentoring relationships

District Quiz Commission:

The District Quiz Commission oversees the district quiz program.  The district is divided into zones.  Each zone holds monthly quizzes.  Three times a year, the zones join together for a District Quiz Tournament.  Following the last District Quiz Tournament of the season, the top quizzers from each zone meet for District Finals Quiz Tournament.  At this two-day quiz meet the district team for the International Quiz Tournament is chosen.  The past few years because of the number of quizzers involved in the district quiz program, our district has been able to send two teams to the International Quiz Tournament.

The Commission seeks to:

  1. Provide resources, assistance and training to churches desiring to start a quiz program and those already actively participating in the program.
  2. Oversee zone and district tournaments
  3. Determine leadership for district team going to Internationals
  4. Establish quizzing guidelines for district quiz program
  5. Encourage and promote Bible Quizzing