Helping WPA C&MA District families afford K-12 Christian Education for their children.

The WPA Scholarship Fund was established in August 2001 as a ministry of the WPA District of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. The WPA District seeks to help provide tuition assistance to financially needy families to allow them the choice of private Christian education as: part of their mission and vision to disciple the whole person---mind, body and soul and a means to help parents bring their children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. The WPA District realized their vision for the education of children and the 2001 Educational Improvement Tax Credit amendment to the Public School Code fit together well. A PA State-approved scholarship fund was established to further support their vision. God has honored and blessed the district's efforts by prompting the heart of business owners to give to the fund.

Scholarship Eligibility

You qualify for a scholarship if:

  1. Your child is enrolled in one of the following Western Pennsylvania C&MA affiliated schools; Clearfield Alliance Christian School, Corry Alliance Academy, Portersville Christian School and Somerset Christian School.
  2. Or if you have been a member of a WPA District Alliance Church for at least one year and have a child enrolled in an ACSI member Christian school.
  3. Your combined income does not exceed $92,160 plus $16,222 for each dependent and you meet specific PA State requirements regarding sources of income.
  4. You are a Pennsylvania resident.

Because of limited funds, qualifications will not guarantee a scholarship award. Awards will be given on a financial need basis, with those exhibiting the most need receiving the largest awards. The discretion of the Board of Stewards will be final when awarding scholarships.


Application Process

Note: The CFA portion of the application may be submitted by mail for a total fee of $40. To download an application, go to, click on download an application in left column. When the next window pops up, insert the school number listed below along with the school year applying for, and then download the complete application or just the portion needed and print. If this is mailed, be sure to mail this part of the application t o the address on the form.

  1. Determine eligibility before applying.
  2. Complete the Confidential Financial Analysis Online: Go to, enter school number 44657, and sign in (create a new account or enter previous year's user ID and password). Cost for online application is $35 per family.
  3. After the Confidential Financial Analysis is filed, forward the following items to the WPAK-12 Fund administrator by mail: WPA K-12 Scholarship Services, 8 Amy Drive, Washington, PA  15301 or email (scan or photo): 

• A copy of your 2020 Federal Income Tax Return (Form 1040, pages 1 & 2).
• A Completed WPAK-12 Education Scholarship Fund Application for the family.
• Enrollment and tuition verification from your school for each child.
• A verification of membership in a WPA C&MA church if your child is not enrolled in a C&MA affiliated school.

Fund Administered by:
WPA K-12 
Kenneth Sproul    Administrator Scholarship Services
8 Amy Drive,     Washington, PA 15301


Application must be postmarked by this date to be considered for a scholarship.
August 3: Award letters will be emailed to the recipient and the appropriate school for acceptance.
September 7: Approximate date which scholarship monies will be distributed to the schools.

2021-2022 WPAK-12 Scholarship Fund Application

2021-2022 Steps to Applying