Train Your Team
Train your church's mission team in the "how to" lead a year round culture of Alliance Mission in the church. Learn how to organize a short-term experience. For more brochures about Global Mission engagement contact the office at 814-938-6920.

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Mission Emphasis
All C&MA Churches are required to conduct an annual missions conference.  Each local church is encouraged to create a year-round missions cllimate where missions is integrated into the life of the church.  

Freedom Tour: WPA churches on this tour arrange the conference and pay all expenses for an international worker to visit their church.
WPA Choice Tour: WPA District seeks international worker families each year to reside in the district as our Choice Tour international workers.  Half-year Choice Tour workers will be initially available to district WPA Choice churches for 10-18 weekends, while full-year workers will be initially available for 28 weekends.

Women in Ministry
Alliance Women support the work The Alliance is doing around the world.  Every year AW carefully and prayerfully choose several mission projects to focus on.  In addition to providing compassionate care and tangible help to suffering and overlooked peoples in these areas, project coordinators and their teams remain fully committed to proclaiming the good news of Jesus to those who have yet to experience  His loving embrace.
For more information about Alliance Women, contact LuAnne Baker, District Director for Alliance Women at

We Are Here to Help!
The members of the District Missions Mobilization Team are passionate about the reality that God wants His people to be worshippers and disciples (who in turn repeat the process) around the world.  We also recognize the strategic role of the local church in partnering with God to carry out His mission to all peoples until Jesus returns.
We are here to serve you-the congregations of the Western Pennsylvania District-by helping to raise your level of awareness of, commitment to, and involvement with worldwide evangelism and Disciplemaking.
It is our desire to communicate on a regular basis with missions ministry leaders in the district and help them strengthen their church's missions programming; help churches make a missions lifestyle through year-round programming; recommend helpful missions resources; be available to help you in any way we can.

Great Commission Connections (GCC) Resource
GCC has been designed to provide mission education material and assist in the promotion of missions within the local church.  Some of the articles are written by WPA International Workers.  GCC is published quarterly (burned to a DVD) and features a different country each month.  Subscriptions are available by calling the District Office at 814-938-6920 or email  The cost of $20 per year covers materials and postage.

Marcia Nagel
Missions Conference Coordinator

LuAnne Baker
District Director of Alliance Women

Denise Howard
Candidate Development

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