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Pastors/Official Workers

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Pastors/Official Workers

This page is designed to assist those who are the front-line leaders of local churches.  Here you will find information that specifically applies to pastors and official workers of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. 

Thank you for your service to the Lord!

License, Ordination and Consecration Council (LO&CC) -  issues licenses and/or certificates for the following Orders of church ministry:

A. Licensed Official Workers

     1. Ordained Official Worker
     2. Consecrated Official Worker
     3. Provisional Official Worker
     4. Church Ministry Worker
     5. Lay Ministry Worker

B. Certified Workers

     1. Apprenticed Ministry Worker
     2. Vocational Ministry Certificate
     3. Christian Worker Certificate

For Pastors and Official Workers

  1. Continuing Education (CEU credits
  2. Training Events
  3. The Pastor's Handbook (purchase information)
  4. Publications of The Christian and Missionary Alliance

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