Great Commissions Connections (GCC) is an missions education newsletter that is published quarterly and will assist you in the promotion of missions within the local church. It will prove to be beneficial as you seek to provide missions education for your congregation. If you have difficulty or do not have the time to research for material for your monthly mission emphasis, the information is at your finger tips...the work has already been done.

Some of the countries are areas of the world where you are not permitted to share the gospel. Those countries are known as Creative Access Countries (CAC). To protect the ministries of IWs in the field the information is burned to a disk and nothing is posted on websites, church bulletins, newspapers, social media, etc. Here is a list of items included;
          • Three newsletters; one for each month of the quarter
          • Articles written by our IWs
          • IWs Prayer Letters
          • Prayer Focus by Denise Howard
          • IWs Pray Requests by Barbara Volle
          • Alliance Women's Resources
          • Children's Missions Project
          • Snap Shot Videos from
          • Choice Tour 
          • Anything related to missions

Who We Are

Our passion is not just knowing and following Jesus, but Helping others know and follow Him. This begins with those God has placed in our spheres of influence and flows to those who are searching desperately for meaning, significance, security, and love in other cultures.

What We Do

We seek to exalt Christ by personally engaging in His mission, particularly with those who have critically low access to the Gospel. As they respond we know that they will build Great Commission Churches that will go to the remaining dark places.
Alliance workers develop bridges of connection within their communities, meeting the pressing needs of people, building relationships with non-believers, teaching with actions and words from the Word of God so it can in turn be taught to others, helping develop future church leaders, providing relief and development work, engaging with people in the marketplace...all to help people cross the line between unbelief and belief in Christ, then become His faithful followers in holistic communities of faith.

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Contact Us

Anyone interested in purchasing a subscription for GCC, the cost is $20 a year. This cost covers materials and postage. You are welcome to preview a copy of GCC.

Ruby Piszker
Admin Asst for Disciplemaking Ministries